“My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair....”

The quest for fame, and the desire to achieve fame, just to be famous 100 years from now, is a fool’s errand.

Have kids because you want to have kids.

Write, because you want to write, and have a story to tell.

Doing either purely to create a legacy 100 years from now creates two things ...fcked up kids, or shitty writing.

We, globally, need neither of those .....

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Need to clarify. Huge fan of your writing...but not this piece

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I agree with the other when they say huge fan of your work, but not this piece.

"I want to create a body of work that will outlive me"

Watch "The Devil's Advocate." After going through everything and finally getting another chance in a critical moment and having a conscious, he was persuaded to do an interview ... which turned out to be the devil and the last line of the movie ... "Vanity ... Definitely my favorite sin"

Lou Reed wrote "You die when your name is said for the last time" For me, I don't need to be remembered, I just need to live life to its fullest. I plan on writing a book in order for someone else's work to be remembered and I think he would care less. I wrote and play a song at rehab facilities where people have said that song reaches me and if I have it recorded, it wouldn't be for my vanity, but to reach someone ... like the first essay I read of yours Lazy Lazy... THAT reached me. Now I am going to take action and talk to my publisher.

Al Cheech - LadiesOnFilm

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